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You can use a second application, but that’s not the same thing. Remote codes are sent as 6 byte packets. This source release workspace can only be loaded in Visual Studio There’s a big thread on it over on AVSforum. Repeatedly loading and removing the driver will corrupt the PCI device information in the kernel. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.

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Using anything that’s not a multiple of four might access multiple registers at once, which doesn’t provide useful meaning.

This is myd command line tool. Personally, the lack of a “PC Power” button is appreciated. This first release of the Judder Test for Linux is fully functional. While there are two inputs, it’s important to note that this is not a dual-tuner card – you can’t watch one channel and record another, or record two channels simultaneously. For example, if you want to figure out how to set various video modes, do a dump of the DPC registers and the miscellaneous registers for each video mode, and look for differences.

This situation should not occur in normal usage, but if someone knows what causes this, please post to the mailing list. Create a configuration file for your remote, or download this one for the MyHD remote.


MyHD MDP – HTPC – TV Tuner Reviews

Also, anything from 0x to 0x or so may be dangerous to change firmware resides in that area. The Audio Authority 9A60 will handle that task, and while it costs more than myyd DVI daughtercard, it is also more flexible. Supposedly a patch for linux has been submitted. Mon May 02, 5: The first three or so hex digits seem to be a mutliplier increase speedand some of the digits further down seem to be a divider decrease speed.

You must create your own remote definitions using irrecord, or download definitions which were created with the Kyhd receiver. If you disable the virtual channel mode, it allows you to switch between sub-channels.

There is not yet any video capture support. I basically have a t-shaped piece of wire as an antenna with a Silver Sensor on the way.

Use this if you want to help with driver development and testing. There’s a big thread on it over on AVSforum. HD tuners are really quite simple – even simpler than an analog tuner.

We didn’t test in anything anywhere near that outdated, but we can say that CPU usage with our Sempron system remained very low. This is liux to the irman protocol, with one potential exception: Wed Apr 20, 8: Sat May 07, Test the configuration by running irw and pressing a few buttons on the remote.


MyHD download, free MyHD download.

Tue May 17, 4: Corrected file names and extensions of register and memory dumps. As you learn about the registers, share your findings on the mailing list.

Methodical Ars Centurion Tribus: This driver is for developers and testers. You can’t even use the software to watch one recorded broadcast while recording a new broadcast, though that feature appears to be on the wish list for both the Fusion and the MyHD.

The color bars may or may not work on cards other than the MyHD. Image viewing is possible with the latest version of fbithe framebuffer image viewer. I preferred the virtual channel mode. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor.