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I think it is awesome to switch from app to app, with them open, and have the mouse do what I have it assigned for within each app. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. IntelliPoint Developer s Microsoft Last release 8. Anyone know a workaround for this or do I need to uninstall the MS driver?? Microsoft IntelliPoint is the Microsoft -branded software driver for the company’s hardware mice.

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The MS driver preference pane let you use the OS X mouse acceleration, but seemed to keep overriding the OS Intellimouze setting when changing apps usually back to a slow crawl. Otherwise, its nice and simple Microsoft antitrust case Microsoft Ireland case. Sometimes ya just gotta put your tongue on the 9V battery just to see what all the fuss is about.

I would click on the bluetooth mouse option down toward the bottom of the drop-down menu and see what driver it offers you. I wish I hadn’t. Send a private message to The Weed. No my mouse is the normal Blue Optical mouse – no Bluetooth involved.

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This middle click button bug IS a big deal Authored by: Would be nice to know if ver 4 supports it tho. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s mouse marketers decided in their wisdom to do away with global and specific program settings with version 5.


Select the option to use the OS X mouse acceleration speed. If I delete it from the system or stop it running; intllimouse reboot will reset the middle mouse button behaviour to “middle button changes application”. This was great, except that the mouse acceleration speed was intellimousw — fast user switching and going back to the Login page would alter the mouse speed. The OS X mouse speed works perfectly until I complete the login, then it slows to a crawl.

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Just got a version 4 intellimouse wired, with tilt wheel. I hate extraneous process running that I don’t need, and I -definately- don’t need this Intellipoint driver anymore! Extensis Suitcase Fusion 6 brings ‘Fontspiration’ to designers. Go back to the OS X pref pane for the mouse and re-select your desired speed. On Mac OS X My Blue MS Optical mouse was causing me problems the middle click upset menu and dock sensitivity Universal Scrolling is a software function within IntelliPoint that allows a scroll wheel to work with programs that do not natively support that method of input.

Send a private message to nikki-k. Now it would be great to use the tilt wheel in Protools to scroll left to right, and the scroll wheel to zoom in and out and side buttons to select tools etc. The following comments are owned by whoever inteplimouse them.


A workaround for an Intellimouse driver anomaly Authored by: Originally Posted by nikki-k Sometimes ya just gotta put your tongue on the 9V battery just to see what all the fuss is about. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Microsoft mice.

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What if they intelilmouse ‘just work’? These 5 utilities tell all Handoff and Continuity: Anyone use an Intellimouse? Where do you want to go today?

If someone knows intellimouwe. Quick update on the hint – Ive been using it and it works great, apart from it seems to reset to the default “middle click is change app” ie command-tab every so often after a restart. It just does nothing. This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat