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Let me know if any of these are of any help. I can speak to the drives. Hope this helps you. The new SAS series controllers have the least testing time on them. Boot up FreeNAS 8 x64 and the array isn’t seen. We use one of these cards in a small FreeNAS system.

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Previous generations of cards also had issues with larger hard drives so stick to newer controllers.


From hardware testing to system reporting, to scheduling those all important scrubs and S. At that point, it is time to look at add-in cards to increase the number of available ports in a system.

That makes it easy to purchase replacements quickly. Boot up FreeNAS 8 x64 and the array isn’t seen.

Freenas with Adaptec + : freenas

After that delete the original file to avoid go low of space. They’re energy efficient in comparison to every other drivefairly quiet, perform just as well as my ES. If your mobo recognizes the card adapttec freenas doesn’t then you might want to update your BIOS first. Controller prices fall very slowly over time. Awesome job to everyone involved.


I’d say for cost, go for the 1TB. Yes, the FreeNAs version is installed a week ago, 8.

Adding driver support for Adaptec RAID 6805

In fact, our office FreeNAS system uses this motherboard. However, If you do not go into the controller card’s setup screen at pre-boot stage and set the RAID array, in some cases Freenas has adaptex recognizing the interface.

Resources Latest reviews Search resources. If you populate both ports no drives will show up with the default driver.

How to Install Adaptec Storage Manager over FreeNAS 8 | Routing the world

There is a chance I’ll be taking this Adaptec back and getting the Ain’t it a kick in the rump that everything worked without issue. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The SAS is an interesting case.

Status Not open for further replies. Yes, if you don’t need the performance. If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help centerplease edit the question. Can anyone comment on the drives listed or can give me a strong recommendation on which drives to choose? They have onboard RAM that uses additional power. Todd Aug 18, Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. While they may work properly in your machine, why risk it if someone else has figured out any issues.


They introduce another aeaptec of complexity into the system that is unnecessary. I would use this controller but fear the x1 througput speeds will quickly get saturated with the number of drives I plan to use. Following recommendations from search results yielded no fix.

The Adaptec way installs both drivers but only loads the 32x version. The new SAS series controllers have the least testing time on them. Root June 3, at The fact that it uses a popular enterprise file system and it is rfeenas means that it is extremely popular among IT professionals who are on constrained budgets. I am currently able to monitor my Raid setup to turn off the beep.