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Just be ready to play with it. Otherwise that data is stored in a protected volume. Scott – November 3rd, Also, any recommendations on the memory card in terms of size? This failure is quite predictable, Garmin must have known it will happen. For Americans, I’m sure it is a great device; outside those limited boundaries, stick a finger in the air and hope for a breeze. However, I am clueless about geocahing.

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Any help deporme be greatly appreciated. Remember, battery type setting in the PN40 remains at Lithium. I have purchased the pn 40 with topo it took me about 6 hours total time to learn how to use the topo program but wow once your in the know its great it just takes time as for the unit pn40 I wish I could turn off the stuff I dont use like geo cach or moon tide this would certainly save batteries I also used the zoom out and worked a set of alks for 2 days approx 20 hrs ROBERT – July 14th, Tim – January 5th, The unit has a full set of cool “extras” like moon phase, sun up and down times, tide charts, compass,and altimeter.

DeLorme kicks out waterproof Earthmate PN-30 GPS device

I am seriously thinking of getting the Delorme PN for geocaching. This is 1 a report on comparative battery testing that I conducted with my PN I agree with your comment about consumer-grade GPS — for this project which does not involve fine-scale mappingthe m accuracies should be OK — I just wanted to make sure there was not a large difference in performance in this respect between these 2 models.


David – July 21st, If you have trouble connecting to your PC withe the cable all you need to d is clean them with a pencil eraser that has happened on-40 to me in 18 months. Most relevant reviews See all 39 reviews.

Doug – July 23rd, So now I am thinking I will get the PN40 and a 32 gb card. The blackberry was faster and the practical use of its map zooming, panning, etc.

Displaying the name of the next street on the map, along with the distance to the turn you get a fairly clear idea of where to go. Changed setting to NIMH.

DeLorme Earthmate PN Handheld | eBay

I just carry spares with me in devive field and keep and eye on the charge level. Consider this video I put together which was using an older beta version of the PN If it is a Delorme unit, go to the Delorem Forums and post your question there.

Third knock, the contacts for the USB cable are exposed. Removed Lithiums and tested with Multi-tester.

The included Topo USA program includes a rudimentary basemap of Canada, and through it you can also purchase their map subscription which will allow you to download 1: One dvice the best aspects of the Topo USA software is the extensive trail network.


I carry a small magnetic compass and am trained in land navigation so such a loss is manageable.

Kirk – October 4th, I have never owned a GPS, but now looking to purchase one. The more I read reviews about both the worse it gets. Katherine – October 27th, I also own a Delotme and the PN addresses many of the shortcomings of the earlier model. Do not waste your time and money!!! Will this be slower than the SE?

DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 User Manual: The Device Setup Page

Users can also use this device for USGS map options and for geocaching activities to ensure they are following the right coordinates.

Where can I go for maps of my home?

It is also 2 a report on strange behaviors by the PN40 and certain batteries during the testing processes — leading 3 to questions that I hope readers might answer. I am looking at pn–40 a hand-held GPS with aerial photograph display. So Steve, did the software update solve your tracking problem?