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BB code is on. And don’t do what I did. All times are GMT The time now is Copyright – , Tech Support Forum.

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I’m traveling home today from a business trip and pecking out this reply on my Motorola Q smartphone as my plane is about to board, so I can’t readily do a normal Google search. TIA for your feedback. I found one for a 3. BB code is on. Fixes Resolves boot issue when HP Photosmart printer is connected. To install a GT make sure your psu is up to the task, standard HP computers come with very poor psu’s and are typically woefully underpowered for any major upgrades other than an additional hdd or two.

PTGD1-LA! Need Drivers Please!! – TechSpot Forums

Originally Posted by twajetmech. When you update the ram, be sure to add the memory in matched pairs since your mobo supports dual channel memory, thus the reccomendation to remove the 2X and add 2 X 1Gb.


Disclaimer, there is no guarantee they will work, but I have had luck in similar old boards sticking to my formula. I don’t care much for multi-rail psu’s https: Hello and welcome to the TSF. Since the version of XP you are running is a 32bit OS you can’t take advantage of aasus than 3. Virus Problem, Please Help.

Upgrading Pentium 4 CPU on HP/ASUS PTGD1-LA (Grouper-UL8E) Motherboard

Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. I know what you said in Post 4, but this could turn into an expensive hobby and the finished product might not work.

Just because the socket size is correct doesn’t mean the MOBO groupeer handle it. All times are GMT OK, I found the relevant specs after I got home.

Upgrading Pentium 4 CPU on HP/ASUS PTGD1-LA (Grouper-UL8E) Motherboard – Tech Support Forum

Also, a gaming PC is never finished. I have to disconnect both of the mb power supply plugs and move them out of the way to install the memory. You have to use the exact same size, FSB and socket. It will work but set voltage in bios Smart Groupsr. If your temps do rise, consider upgrading the case fans to ones with higher CFM output, the gt can get hot 80C!


Some of the early core 2 duo had a bus speed of Mhz, so may be compatible. The question will be, is it worth it?

For some reason, the chip has only 1 MB of L2 cache, but is almost three times as expensive as the chip with 2 MB of L2 cache.

Virus Problem, Please Help.


Corday, Ok thanks again for your comments. Computer powers off in sleep mode Resolves intermittent issue with resuming from suspend mode.

From the your spec sheet it will take pptgd1-la CPU upgrade with no problem. Copyright -Tech Support Forum. So here are my questions: Thanks for your replies.