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At Hot Springs Web Design, we focus on getting high value one-way links from authority sites, related sites and industry leading websites. Our most popular link building service is our match link to content program. Each month, we create resourceful targeted content for your website. This content attracts high value sites giving them reason to link to your site.

Links from other sites are like votes. Links from websites with trust, authority and rankings will positively impact the way search engines position your site. Obtaining backlinks is perhaps the hardest and most crucial aspect of marketing any website.

Why choose Hot Springs Web Design to Optimize your Link Building Strategies:

  • There is no Contract. The burden is on us to perform, in order to keep you as a client.
  • We offer full transparency with detailed reports that are updated regularly.
  • Our Link Builder Team is highly trained and focused on delivering the ROI that you need to justify your Internet marketing investment.
  • We offer a variety of packages to meet your marketing and budgetary needs.
  • We can identify the perfect keyword phrases and biggest opportunities for you to dominate your preferred market niche.

Link Building is the very foundation of SEO. Even if your website has terrific content, killer graphics, and the latest shopping cart, it won't get any traffic without relevant one way backlinks. Getting these links can be a very annoying, labor intense and difficult task.

Because of this, many link schemes have evolved on the Internet. These include paid links, mass directory submissions, paid blog reviews, automated 3 way and reciprocal linking gimmicks, blog networks and more.

Webmasters that participate in these schemes are breaking the webmaster guidelines established by the top Search Engine and exposing themselves to the risk of a penalty or delisting of their site. If you don't mind having your website removed from the search engines, then feel free to cut corners. If you intend to hang around for the long term, don't do it.

When it comes time to choose a link building company, consider the following:

  • Link Relevance: Relevance is everything. Stay away from companies that promise links from "high PR sites" with no pertinence to your own. This red flag is easy for Search Engines to spot and you could find yourself penalized.
  • Link Quality: All links are not created equal. Directory links, reciprocal links and 3 way links may have been the bomb a few years ago - now they are just duds. These methods of link building deliver marginal results, if any, at all. An unnaturally high percentage of reciprocal links can trip a Search Engine filter.
  • Blog Links: Thanks to Wordpress, it's easy for anyone to publish a blog - or a blog network. Many networks have been created for the sole purpose of selling links within phony reviews. These networks are easy for the search engines to spot and those buying reviews with links are often penalized.
  • Lazy Links: Links from spammy link pages, blog comment links, forum signature links, and wiki links all fall into the category of lazy links. Anyone can get them and they are valued accordingly.
  • Paid Links: The fastest way to page one is through paid links. The harshest penalties are also reserved for those who purchase links. Whether links are purchased privately or through a broker, once your site has been identified as a link buyer, you will be out of the top search positions for several months or longer.

Effective link building is the single most important activity for achieving higher search engine rankings.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization
Services - Marketing

SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization, is one of, if not the most important aspects that you need to start or improve for your online business. The reasoning behind this is that if you cannot attract people to visit your web site, it does not matter if you have the best product or service available because your potential customers will not know what you have to offer.

Hot Springs Web Design is known for its professional full SEO campaign management. We are based in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and we are able to provide you SEO optimization that is based off of five years of hard working in SEO web site development, web site analyses, keywords and strategy research.

On Page Optimization

Before we can commence our SEO services for your company, we must build an on site SEO. By doing some work, we will be able to assure that link building and link baiting efforts will produce top results for your company. After researching your site, we will give you our recommendations on navigation, copy, META tags and internal linking structure. This will bring your site proven results.

Our on site SEO campaign management is an ongoing process, which we will be happy to work on during your SEO campaign management by giving you new, refreshed content for every new phase of the process in order to continue to give you top search engine rankings.

Competitive Research

We will research your competition so we can find out exactly what SEO optimization plan will work to put you above your competition, and put together a plan that will set the course for your future business. We will answer your business questions, such as:

  • Is it worth trying to enter this niche?
  • Will long and hard victory be worth the effort?
  • Will I be able to overdo my competitors?
  • How fast?
  • At what aspects I can be better than they are?
  • Why my competitors are successful?

We will also find about your competition's:

  • SEO techniques and designs
  • who's linking to your competition from which blogs, portals, and web articles
  • what keywords they are using and what are their positions in Search Engines

Keyword Analysis

In order to understand what your presence is like online, we will analyze your web site’s position in search engine results. Afterward, we will suggest a list of broad and long tail keywords in order to give your business the right start and tools that are needed to keep ahead of your competition. In cases where we are starting from scratch, we will be able to start with easier SEO optimization. As your site grows, we will begin building a more professional SEO strategy.

Link Building

Link building is one of the most important tools you will need in your quest for a high list rank on Search engine results. Based on keywords and competition analyzing, we will create a plan that will get you SEO optimization on Google, Yahoo and MSN searches. We are waiting to boost your traffic by creating SEO web site development to link to your website.


Our prices for SEO services starts from $99 per month, which includes some of the above mentioned elements.

What Else

  • There is no long term contract. As long as you pay us each month, we'll work for you.
  • We give you FULL REPORT on everything we are doing, updated monthly.
  • We give you reports that include recommended improvements and analyses.
Internet Marketing
Services - Marketing

If you use a website to sell products or services, and are looking for a way to expand your business, our Internet marketing services will be able to help you increase your sales, while finding the best deals for advertising. Our Internet marketing services give you the option about creating an affiliate program for you, or will even manage it for you.

Internet Marketing Services

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Link Building
  • Social Networking
  • Pay-Per-Click Management & Optimization
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Website Content Development
  • Affiliate programs

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

With Search Engine optimization, or the process of analyzing and placing keywords and keyword phrases throughout a website in order to achieve a higher search engine ranking, our Internet marketing services will help you get a higher website ranking by doing link building campaigns and content writing.

PPC - Pay Per Click

There are several types of Pay per Click services, or ppc services, we can offer you, such as Google Adwords, in order to test your business ideas and see what its conversion rate will be. Our pay per click management will find the most profitable keywords and description texts that will work for your company in order to get you the results you really want and need in Internet Marketing for success. With our help in ppc management, you will find the conversion rates of potential customers will increase.

You can expect Hot Springs Web Design to give you the best Internet marketing strategies while managing your campaigns for better conversion.

Email Marketing

One of the best ways to get results from our Internet marketing services is by using email marketing, we will use it to not only increase your online visibility, but also take your business to the next level. We will create “call to action” emails that will be visible to email readers in your desired demographic, and then trace each user who reads the email to give you a report of their activities after reading the email.

Website Content Development

We strive to bring each of our customers the best, most unique web page content possible. Once we do so, we will be able to help you build strategic Internet marketing, while giving your pages weight, while being search engine friendly.

Affiliate Programs

If you want to create a web site that is going to be driven by other affiliates, such as,, or, we will be able to create the perfect blend of ppc advertising, SEO and strategic Internet marketing that will work for your site.


Our Internet marketing services starts from $99.00 per month.

What Else

  • There is no long-term contract. As long as you pay us each month, we'll work for you.
  • We give you FULL REPORTING on everything we are doing, updated monthly.
  • We give you reports that include recommended improvements and analyzes.
Internet Consulting
Services - Marketing

With our Internet business consulting services, we will be able to take your business above and beyond what your expectations for your company are. With our Internet marketing consulting, you will receive full analyses of what your business industry is like on the Internet. We will meet with you to offer web consulting to put together a strategy for the best marketing possible, regardless to whether you are a small company or a huge corporation.

As your business grows its online presence, we will monitor your results and create new guidelines to improve your website based on what we find on user interaction and analysis of your website.

Our motto is

"You are on the top or you do not exist!"

With our Internet marketing consulting capabilities, we offer: :

  • Market Research
  • Brand Development, Logos & Domains
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Usability
  • Accessibility
  • Web Design and Implementation
  • E-Commerce Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Traffic Conversions and Performance Monitoring
  • A/B testings

If you have yet to build a website, we will help you develop and grow your web strategy with our small business consulting team to create the best web page possible.


If you prefer to use our website development team or our Internet marketing consulting team, we can offer you our experiences and skills to share with your employees via Skype or other Instant Messengers on an hourly rate basis of $40.00 per hour.




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